Marie Schoenmaker is an artist, consultant and bookkeeper. Marie consults artists, entrepreneurs and people simply wanting to develop their self management. Combining financial management, time management and marketing strategies, with practical and creative thinking, Marie steers you through the often daunting and tedious task of developing, instituting and maintaining your financial and administrative systems. She can also help you turn an idea into a sustainable business by making sure you get a solid start with clear steps and goals. 

After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2009, Marie started an artist-run gallery and performance space with collaborator, Leo Kavanagh. A year and a half on they decided to expand just up the road to what became, Conduit Arts Initiative. After four years, Conduit Arts Initiative went from strength to strength and demonstrated that an art space with a focus on self-sustainability and a 'profits to the artists' model could succeed. Conduit Arts has since been sold and is being run by a new partnership under the name Aeso studio.  

Whilst running Conduit Arts Initiative, Marie completed a Masters of Arts and Cultural Management. Marie brings to her consulting practice her arts degree, her Masters and five plus years of business and financial management. Marie acknowledges that being an artist, entrepreneur and small business owner can often lead to a personal sacrifice that unbalances your life and makes it difficult to feel in control of your direction and decision making. Through her knowledge, systems and insights she wants to give her clients a sense of empowerment over their lives and their businesses.

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