Planning to Thrive - Botanical Calamity - Saturday July 27th 

There’s nothing worse than feeling unsure or overwhelmed by the direction of your arts practice and how to get your work out there. I get it. What do I do? I’m Marie and I’m all about getting your mind clear on where it is you’re headed and finding the way in which you can succeed.

I’ve created a strategy-packed, workshop intensive for Artists and Creatives just like you. Together we’ll tackle your fears of having a disconnected and tentative practice. This is not a space where we’ll talk in corporate or business language, and I certainly won’t be trying to encourage you to compromise your work to make a profit. 

Why choose me?

Because I am a creative myself, who’s run multiple creative businesses and have helped many creative businesses thrive. I know exactly what you need to do to grow your business. From this place I’ve made this workshop, purely a space where we’ll tackle exactly what you can do to feel secure in your practice, to feel confident in where you’re headed and feel empowered by the future.

In this workshop we’ll cover 

·      The Market in Marketing

·      Safety in the Number$, and

·      Planning with purpose

During these sessions, I’ll give you the clarity to feel empowered by each decision you make in your practice instead of feeling overwhelmed. By the end, you’ll easily have defined a financial goal that gives you security and direction. I’ll assist you in defining who your work is for and how to purposefully connect with them in an authentic and valuable way, without the awful sell. You’ll walk away feeling optimistic about your practice and ready to thrive.

This workshop isn’t your usual ‘listen to me talk at you’ scenario. It’s kept intimate for a reason. I want you to be involved in the conversation. Let’s discuss creative and relevant strategies, and brainstorm tools and tips that will suit your specific practice and your specific situation. To ensure this level of intimacy the numbers are extremely limited so head over and book in quick!

None of the material you will receive in this workshop is generic and certainly is not something you can just download from an Ebook. It is all tailored to you! 

If you are a passionate artist and driven creative looking to expand your practice and define your audience in a way that doesn’t demand more sacrifices and compromises then this workshop is for you.

How can I book?

Click the link below to secure your seat.

Tickets are $140

Bring a friend and received $40 off the combined ticket price (each ticket $120)

What’s included?

·      Lunch will be provided to suit all dietary requirements (please inform me whilst booking).

·      Plenty of breaks with scrumptious snacks

·      We’ll supply all the much needed specialty coffee and tea you can drink

·      A workbook tailored to you

·      A special gift

·      A day filled with likeminded and inspirational people

·      A wealth of information that you can use long term to grow your creative career.

 Where will it be held?

It’s being held at the beautiful Selby studio, Botanical Calamity.

133 Belgrave-Gembrooke Rd, Selby.

When is this?

Saturday July 27th, 11am to 3pm.

I can’t wait to see you there.

Planning to Thrive workshop
from 140.00
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Who's it for?

  • artists, makers and creatives

  • those looking to expand their practice

  • those looking to gain confidence and understanding of what it is they are working towards and why

  • those looking to make a bigger impact with their skills

  • those looking for clarity with their direction and focus

What will you learn?

  • How to confidently plan and prioritise

  • How to set financial goals with ease so you feel a sense of stability

  • How to define you market, what they want and how to genuinely connect with them

How much?

  • $140 including lunch

  • Bring a friend and save $40 off the price of two tickets (tickets $120 each)

What will you get?

  • A scrumptious lunch

  • Delicious snacks throughout the day

  • Much needed, specialty coffee and tea

  • Your own workshop workbook

  • A special gift

  • A day filled with likeminded and inspirational people

  • A wealth of information that you can use long term to grow your creative career.

Appropriate for?

  • Artists, makers and creatives starting to think about their practice more like a business that needs to offer them financial stability and connection.

What should you bring?

  • an open heart and hungry mind

What should you wear?

  • Comfortable, warm clothing

What’s the promise?

  • After the session you will have clear direction, feel focused, and motivated to take the next step.

  • You will have connected with a group of like minded individuals that seek the same things as you.

  • You will have taken time for yourself to feed your goal of a stable and creatively fulfilling life.