I provide a consulting service to artists, creative business owners looking for clarity, direction and support. I help businesses expand through systems and automation as well as sole traders and partnerships set their businesses up in a way that promotes growth and sustainable practices.

My services include, creating personalised templates, establishing budgets and forecasts as well setting up administrative and financial systems. I am a problem solver at heart so will do everything to assist you and your business flourish.


Creative Businesses

I meet with creative business owners at all stages of business; from conception to opening and well into running.

NEW IDEA - We can work together to turn your idea into a functioning business. We'll establish the risk level of the business idea and the ways we can minimise these risks to give your business the best chance of getting through the first year. The first year will be a learning experience as your life adapts to the needs of your young business but we’ll work on vision clarity, time management, planning, forecasting and the implementation of administrative systems so it’s as smooth as possible. We’ll work together to minimise your day to day administrative load, whilst establishing clarity through daily focuses and prioritising.

UP AND RUNNING - If you’ve got your creative business up and running and are looking for an outside perspective to refine processes and bring clarity to decision making, I’ve got you covered. I’ll start by discussing exactly where you’re at and we’ll establish the most important aspect to start working on to bring a sense of clarity and security as quickly as possible.

OLD HAT - If you’ve been chugging along for a while now and the business is pretty secure but you’ve noticed your attention and passion waining, let’s chat right now. We can establish the route of this feeling and quickly address this to bring your mojo back. This is a common feeling after the first couple of years of intense ‘building’ of the business but it also may point to vision drift or personal values not shining through your business. You’ve got through the hard yards of the first couple of years and now is a fantastic time to invest in really helping it to shine even brighter than it is now by bringing more of what you love into it.

EXPANDING TIME - If you’re at the brilliant stage of considering some major growth, well done! You’ve worked so hard to get to this point and you’re at such an exciting stage of business. Let’s chat together to establish the best way forward.


Do you want clear direction and to be able to prioritise with confidence?

We can work together to establish exactly what it is you want to be spending your time on and what it is that will make the biggest impact. We’ll establish what you can prioritise over what and what to say no to and how.

We can start from the beginning and make sure the foundations are in place so your day to day activities are clear and working towards a united goal.

Together we can tailor the support that you’re looking for.