I'm a self-professed spreadsheet and stationary nerd who gets excited at the start of every new financial year because it means setting up new folders and separators! I am driven by an interest in finding ways of making our art practices and arts spaces more self-sustainable and secure. I want to empower artists and entrepreneurs with the information and systems to enable them to feel in control of their practices, businesses, and finances so they feel in control of their lives and choices.  


I want to enable you to feel in control of your practice, business and YOUr finances so you feel in control of your life and choices. 


In 2014 I completed my Masters of Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne. My Thesis, entitled The Shifting Platform, studied the level of experimentation and innovation in the business and programming structure of selected ARIs in Melbourne between 1979 and 2014. Prior to this I completed a Fine Art Degree in Sculpture and Spatial Practice at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2009. 

Running two not-for-profit art spaces tested me in every area of my life; self-management, time-management, confidence, motivation, prioritising, accountability and the ultimate task of managing people, their engagement and level of satisfaction. Apart from parenting I feel running your own business is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do in a career.

As a parent of a four year old I am constantly juggling the needs of my businesses with the needs of my family and myself. Aspiring for a balanced life, where me as an individual, partner, parent and business owner is even and complimentary is my, and many others', life challenge. Constantly reassessing these roles and my own expectations of myself enables me to stay open to the sliding scale of the needs of these roles. However open and considered I am about these roles though, an equilibrium, if ever to be reached, will only be for a moment. This is what keeps life entertaining and constantly challenges me to grow and push through each road block.

I am passionate about helping people identify and achieve their goals, so if you feel my creative business experience, education, practice and perspective can help you expand your practice or business, let's chat!       


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